While we might be biased, we think there are a number of reasons why travelling with a group is a great idea:

  • In the hands of an expert
When making your own travel arrangements, you’re the one who’s responsible for finding accommodations, transportation, meals and hoping you get the best from your destination. On a guided group tour, every detail from the smallest to the largest is taken care of for you.

On tour, our Tour Managers will tell you where you’re going each morning, get you there, and tell you all about your destinations.  

When you travel by yourself, in a country where you don’t speak the language, there’s no one to ask the many questions you might have. On a tour, no matter how many questions you have, your tour guide is there to help.

  • Making friends
Travel is social by nature. Guided travel is extra social. Along the way, you’ll meet amazing people, including your fellow travelers, Tour Manager, driver, local guides and more. The social aspect of guided travel is one of the best parts! Many travelers on our tours have forged lasting friendships.  

  • But the freedom of solo travel if the social aspect isn't for you
While group travel can be extra social if you want it to be, you also have the luxury of traveling solo and experiencing a destination your way. Guided group travel doesn't have to be smothering. There is plenty of free time and plenty of on-tour options for you to have a very personal experience while at the same time still having everything taken care of for you and having the safety of your group when needed.

  • Safe travels
Join a tour group and you’ll always have someone to assist if things go wrong. You want peace of mind when you travel, and we agree that it is one of the most important elements of the experience. You'll have the reassurance that someone’s got your back if anything should go wrong.

  • The best of a destination
You can trust us to show you the best of a destination. Treat yourself to the freedom of touring. We plan ahead so you don’t have to worry about the details. And who needs the pressure of spending precious time to get a trip right when this might be your only chance to visit a destination.

  • See things you wouldn’t be able to on your own
Tour company reputation and buying power get's access to areas you wouldn’t be able to yourself. You’ll be taken to places you would never have heard of, and have a chance to be introduced to locals like you wouldn’t have if you were making your own arrangements.  

Traveling with a group is a great idea for ease, comfort and flexibility.