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Below is a simple guide to Oktoberfest in Munich:

The hotel used in Munich on our itinerary is only .6 miles from Oktoberfest and easily walkable. Munich also has an efficient metro and public transportation system. Uber is now currently operating in Munich. Once you get close to festival grounds, arrows are painted on the sidewalks to point you in the right directions and you can also follow the crowds dressed in Dirndls and Lederhosen.

The Oktoberfest grounds are enormous, and you can choose from tons of tents and activities. Start by taking a walk through the main street to get your bearings (and scan the food options).
There are more than fourteen big tents and twenty smaller tents at the festival. It can be hard to decide which ones to visit, but most of them are generally the same.

Here is a breakdown of a few of the big ones:

Winzerer Fahndl has a fun, authentic atmosphere that makes people want to stay all day.

Hofbräu Festhalle is considered the “American tent.” You will find a lot of college students and other international travelers here.

Schottenhamel is the tent that starts it all! The first keg is tapped here at noon on the first day of the festival.

Löwenbräu-Festhalle is a favorite for locals and travelers alike. This is a good middle ground tent.

Fischer Vroni serves grilled fish and other dishes. If you are not feeling the typical meat and potatoes from the other tents, head here.

Schützen-Festzelt has a good mix of young and old, travelers and locals.

Augustiner-Festhalle is known as the friendly tent.

Weinzelt is the wine tent! If you are ready for something other than beer, head here for your pick of white, red, and sparkling wines.

Pschorr-Bräurosl is one of the more traditional tents and has been managed by the Heide family for seven generations. This tent is filled with mostly locals.

  • A ton of food stands line the main street, but most of them are repeats, so if you see something that catches your eye, grab it when you see it.
  • Some things you’ll find are bratwurst, pretzels, french fries, candy-coated assorted nuts, chocolate-covered fruit, gingerbread cookies (can double as a souvenir), and fish.  
  • For vegetarians, some booths serve veggie burgers.
  • All tents serve traditional German meals. If you're not very hungry, there are always people walking around selling giant pretzels.

If you stand on the very top of a table that means you are going to down your entire beer. So unless you want hundreds of people cheering you on to chug your stein, don’t stand on the top of a table.

And if you stand on the top of a table, giant pretzels help soak up some of the alcohol.


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