Whether you're yearning for cultural immersion or slow-paced exploration in hard-to-reach ports of call, river cruising offers an intimate and leisurely alternative to a traditional ocean cruise experience.

Below are reasons we see that make river cruising so popular:

Intimacy of River Vessels – Compared to most ocean cruise ships, a river boat is an intimate affair. The largest river vessels carry under 200 passengers so the atmosphere is more like a cruise family. With the smaller size comes a higher staff-to-guest ratio and greater attention, so it becomes a very personal experience.

Ease of River Cruising – The overall travel experience of river cruising is very easy to negotiate. Guests are met at the airport and transferred to the boat. At ports, you simply walk off the boat and into town – no tenders or waiting in lines to disembark. Unpack only once and wake up each day in a new city or country.

Shore Trips Included – Many engaging excursions are included for all interests. For example, history-rich towns, impressive castles and exquisite old wineries are all part of the experience along the Rhine. Expert guides bring history to life and open the doors to the local lifestyles. Complimentary bicycles are often provided for you to explore on your own.

Cultural Engagement – The slow travel of a river cruise offers a higher level of immersion in the local culture. You might shop with the chef at a market in Burgundy and then dine on regionally-inspired cuisine that night or take a glimpse into gypsy heritage at a traditional Hungarian dance performance along the Danube. River cruises offer a deeper engagement with a destination’s way of life.

Landlubbers Comfort – For those who might be concerned about having an uncomfortable sailing experience, there is virtually zero chance of getting sea sick. Rivers don’t have waves and the relaxing, slow float doesn’t rock the boat. Furthermore, there is always land on both sides of the ship for those who might be a bit fearful of a water-oriented vacation.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why river cruising has become so popular recently. We suspect that’s a trend that won’t slow down anytime soon. If you’re considering a river cruise for your next vacation contact Lifestyle Tours. We offer a variety of itineraries through Mayflower/Scenic Tours and Cruises and Collette.

Our newest tours are Danube River Delight in July 2019 and Christmas Markets on the Romantic Rhine River in December 2019. *Both tours offer FREE AIR incentives if booked before November 31, 2018.

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