by Kristen Gilbert

America's national parks are the perfect places to be out in nature doing fun activities that are good for both your body and your mind. Get out there and be your best, healthiest self!

Parks offer healthy physical activity for all ages

We all know that the overall health benefits of exercise are tremendous. It can help protect us from things like heart disease and stroke, diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis, just to name a few. It can also help us sleep better, think more clearly and boost our energy. With so many amazing health benefits, it’s clear that we should all make getting our exercise a priority.
People of all ages are able to enjoy being active in a national park. Many parks offer lots of activities to enjoy such as hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding and biking, while some even offer things like horseback riding, bird watching, fishing, yoga and tai chi. No matter what level of activity you’re comfortable with, you’ll find something in a national park that fits your preferences perfectly.

Being in nature is good for your mind

Have you ever gone for a walk in the park and come back feeling a whole better, not just physically but mentally too? Everyone has experienced a happier mood, reduced anxiety and quieted mind that even just a short time spent outside can provide. Imagine how centered you can feel after several days!
Studies show that there is a strong correlation between our mental health and spending time outside. We are fundamentally connected to nature, so it makes sense that being around beautiful scenery and hearing sounds like water moving and birds singing can bring us a sense of deep comfort and well-being. It helps us get out of our minds and back into the world around us.

Pack your comfy clothes and let’s go!

Since your trip is going to have you out and about, don’t forget to prepare for activity and weather. Bring something warm, something cool and something waterproof. Don’t forget a trusty pair or two of comfortable shoes that you’ve broken in before your trip for maximum comfort.

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Kristen Gilbert
As a Digital Content Copywriter at Collette, Kristen has traveled extensively. When she’s not busy writing about fabulous tours, she’s dreaming of being in a place where she can sip an umbrella drink with her toes in the sand and a good book in her hand.