You can sample truly unique flavors in Tropical Costa Rica.

Tropical Costa Rica

Local cuisine is Caribbean-influenced. The traditional cuisine here includes Casado -- a delicious meal comprised of rice, beans, meat or fish, fried plantains, tortillas, and fruit. Plantains -- or plátanos -- are the classic snack and will usually accompany meals. They can be served sweet from baking or frying, as well as like chips for a fried snack. For breakfast it is common to be served a hearty dish of black beans and rice with hints of onions and peppers, fried eggs, sour cream and corn tortillas. Delicious steaks can be found at many restaurants. Empanadas with chicken, rice and vegetables are often found on the menu. Fresh seafood is readily available near the coasts, though shrimp and lobster are offered throughout the country. A common appetizer, ceviche, is a dish of raw fish marinated in lemon juice with cilantro and onions. For those with a sweet tooth, you'll be delighted to try the tapa dulce -- brown sugar, native to Costa Rica, sold in a solid form. Dulce de leche is a thick syrup made of sugar and milk. And Tres Leches is a three-layered custard flan and Costa Rica's national dessert.

Islands of New England and Colors of New England allow you to savor the hearty tastes of the area -- renowned for its comfort food and wonderfully fresh seafood. Popular seafood dishes in New England include lobster, varieties of fish, clams, oysters and quahogs. Lingering in a waterfront restaurant over a bowl of chowder is a New England tradition you must try.

Reflections of Italy is so famous for its delicious food. Italians eat their meals in courses, especially lunch and dinner. Courses include an antipasto (appetizer); primo piatto (first course) – which is often the pasta or risotto dish; secondo piatto (second or main course), which is the meat or protein; contorno (the side item); and dolce (dessert). While you may not have all courses at each meal, you often will have at least three. Italy is known for pasta, and it comes in many different shapes and sizes. There is an enormous variety of sauces as well, which vary widely from region to region. Panna is not traditional as well as heavy cream sauces such as Alfredo (however you may find these items in more tourist-oriented restaurants). Traditional pasta dishes consist of fresh pasta with fresh ingredients. In Italian cuisine there is no such dish as “spaghetti and meatballs” or “chicken parmigiana.” Both dishes are American creations invented in the 1900s by Italian immigrants to create a full dinner. Eggplant parmigiana in Italy does not represent the American version in any way. Thin pizza with an array of toppings is a local favorite. Pizza is always cooked to order, usually in a wood oven. Although the look may be similar to American pizza, the taste is very different. Also, grilled meats or seafood and fresh seasonal vegetables are available throughout Italy.

Greece and Its Islands has divine Mediterranean cuisine which is simple yet incredibly flavorful. In Greece, meat is not served daily. When meat is part of the meal it is typically roasted or grilled on skewers or chopped to be cooked with vegetables in a variety of dishes. Cheese is a large part of the Grecian diet and makes up a large portion of their protein. The Greeks often begin their day with fresh bread and a piece of cheese, generally feta, along with a cup of strong black coffee. You'll find many fruits and vegetables on the menus in Greece, as these healthy items play a large role in the diet here. As Greece is a Mediterranean island nation with a beautiful coastline, it is unsurprising to discover that fresh fish and seafood are so popular here. Moussaka, a lamb and eggplant casserole, is a dish you must try while you are visiting Greece! Sample the delicious Souvlakia, a dish comprised of meat on skewers that is quite flavorful. For travelers with a sweet tooth, you're in luck! You must try the baklava -- very thin dough stacked to create flaky little pastries, often prepared with a mixture of nuts and honey. Another popular dessert is, a grainy-textured dessert made with semolina, nuts, raisins and cinnamon.