Happy Holidays!

It's something we typically say between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. It's a habit to say during the holiday season and becomes the new 'How are you?' or 'Have a great day!' But when you hear someone say or see them sign off on an email or letter with 'Happy Holidays', what does that mean to you?

Some relish the entire season decorating even before Thanksgiving and not taking down the tree until well after New Year's Day. Your Christmas Carols have been playing non-stop. Your cookie baking skills are known far and wide. You host all the holiday parties and relish the non-stop traffic of family and friends.

Some like the idea that while the holidays are busy with family activities, in general, it is a slower period of time for work and appointments. This means more time to read or binge watch that show you love. More time to just visit with family and friends even if it isn't at a party or gift exchange. It's time to unwind and relax. The holiday music is on when the mood hits and the decorations go up and come down when it's convenient to do so.

And others, well, they can do without all the craziness of the holidays. Christmas music non-stop on the radio, no thank you! Pulling out the decorations and then turning around only weeks later to put them away is tedious. Another party. Sigh! Another gift to buy. Heavier sigh!

I have found that every holiday season is different for me. Some years I'm really into it and other's not so much. It depends on where my grown kids are and if we get to spend much time together. It depends on the workload at the time. And, most importantly, it depends on where I'm traveling. I have found that a holiday tour does an amazing job of getting me in the holiday spirit or taking my mind off the holiday blues. Recently, I returned from Christmas Markets on the Romantic Rhine River with Lifestyle Tours Mayflower Cruises and Tours. In 2015, I did Collette's Magical Christmas Markets on the Danube River with family.

Regardless of what 'Happy Holidays' means to you, you may suffer from the post holiday blues. Maybe it's because the festivities are over. Maybe it's because you're back to the usual routine of work, appointments and the regular duties of your life. Or, maybe the blues come around because the holidays just weren't what you had hoped for. On the other hand, maybe getting back to a normal routine and knowing you don't have to be the cheerful host or hostess any longer is your 'happy place'.  

Whatever your 'happy' is or isn't during the holiday season, maybe travel is what you need. To get you in the spirit of the holidays there are day trips to see holiday shows and my personal favorite, river cruising down the Danube or Rhine Rivers to visit the famous European Christmas Markets. In 2019, Lifestyle Tours will also be featuring a Spotlight on San Antonio Holiday tour. If travel is what you need to take your mind off the holidays, well then, there are lots of travel options for you to choose from in 2019. Check our schedule of tours.