When are you going to make those travel plans? When are you going to head out on an adventure? When are you going to take that time to see those special places across the world? Someday? 

How many time have you told yourself, 'Someday'. Someday you'll travel to that special place...the place you've spoken about, dreamed about. It's so close you can almost feel it. The warmth of the sun. The sound of the music you've never heard before. The discovery of a new flavor. Today isn't like any other day. Today is the day you set off for new horizons. Stop waiting for the perfect time and make this time perfect. This is your trip of a lifetime. Someday you'll travel to that special place. Your someday is here!

As members of Collette's Executive Level President's Club, Lifestyle Tours is a top-producer among group travel organizers. This means we have raised the bar to bring you the best Collette tours with the best customer service. We offer extra personal assistance along with the Collette team.  

With Collette, we are leaders in the travel industry. And, with over 150 itineraries to destinations on all seven continents, we can definitely make your 'someday' travel dreams a reality now.

Look inside our schedule for our exciting destinations! All of our AIR tours have alternate dates available. And, if you don't see your dream destination, ask us about World Connect and we can get you there.

For additional information, contact Lifestyle Tours at 812-682-4477 or contact us online.