About Lifestyle Tours

Since 1983, Lifestyle Tours has shown the Greater Evansville Area the world, through world class tours to popular destinations domestically, and worldwide under the direction of Founder Ken Meyer. After aligning with Timi's Tours in 2018 to provide motorcoaches, a strong partnership was formed.

Timi's Tours was founded in 2006 by Timi Hall-Kaufman, who, like Ken was a vision for providing exceptional tours to the Central Illinois area. Since inception, Timi's Tours has grown into a powerhouse in the tour and charter space. 

Meet Our Team

Timi Hall-Kaufman

Timi Hall-Kaufman, Founder

"When I started in 2006, I dreamed of offering Central Illinois world-class group travel opportunities, but I couldn't have imagined the tremendous reception we have received over the years since. Now, that dream continues to be further realized as we have acquired Lifestyle Tours. This expansion has a particular meaning to me; in a way, I am "coming home" to Indiana. My father worked in a factory in Evansville, and my mother was a waitress at a small cafe in Oakland City. I remember their stories about the area fondly, and have found an invigorated passion for the region as we have expanded our footprint in the area.

My Parents, Bill and Randy Hall were born and raised in Southern Indiana, and relocated to Illinois for new opportunities shortly after I was born. Not long thereafter, they opened a jewelry and gift store that was an integral part of the community for over 50 years. Now, Timi's Tours headquarters are located in the same building my parents worked out of for the rest of their lives. I know they would be so proud to see our business expanding into the area that was once their home. It's a beautiful, full-circle moment for our family, and we can't wait to share all the experiences in store with you all!

In life, we all could use a little adventure and great times with friends, and that's what we want you to experience when you travel with us. Whether you've traveled with Lifestyle Tours for years or this is your first time hearing about the company, we look forward to welcoming you as our guest on a trip soon. When we plan a trip, envisioning you having a priceless experience every step of the way guides and inspires. You are at the heart of everything we do, and it is truly a privilege to journey with you on our tours while sharing in your laughter and creating memories together. "