Oberammergau Passion Play Cast

On October 20, 2018, the designated roles and functions for the Passion Play 2020 in Oberammergau were announced: Jesus, Judas, Mary, Pilate, the high priest Caiaphas, the angel, a soldier or priest, a choir singer, a member of the orchestra, or a fireman or usher.Director Christian Stückl and his assistant director Abdullah Karaca auditioned all registered applicants and cast them in their various roles or duties.Extra auditions were held for the young talent to test the younger participants for aptitude,...

Who's Ready for a Road Trip?

Heritage Federal Credit Union & Lifestyle Tours have partnered and are ready to transport you to fun and interesting places!

Do you know about...Broadway, Off-Broadway and Touring Broadway Shows?

When someone mentions Broadway, one typically thinks of a location found in the theatre district located in Manhattan in New York City.Interestingly though, it's not just that specific location in NYC that determines if a show is Broadway or Off-Broadway. It is simply the number of seats in the theatre. Theatres with a house larger than 499 seats are considered Broadway Theaters. Theatres with houses between 99 and 499 seats are Off-Broadway. Any theatre less than 99 seats are considered...

Do you know about... STAGES St. Louis?

STAGES St. Louis is the region’s foremost not-for-profit company committed to preserving and advancing the art form of Musical Theatre through excellence in performance and education.

An Andrew Lloyd Webber Double Play!

Fans of this Broadway musical genius have been waiting for the 'Phantom' follow-up; Love Never Dies, for years and now you can see it with Lifestyle Tours at the Fabulous Fox Theatre.And you can return to the original story, 'The Phantom of the Opera' at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

"Wet" Your Appetite! Beverages and Recipes From Our Travels

Magical Christmas Markets in Europe wouldn't be complete without Glühwein. Glühwein is made from red wine, heated and spiced with cinnamon sticks, cloves, star aniseed, citrus, sugar and at times vanilla pods. It is sometimes drunk mit Schuss (with a shot), which means that rum or some other liquor has been added.Recipe for Glühwein: Peel large sections of skin from orange, lemon and lime. Over medium heat in a medium sized pot, pour in agave syrup and water, then add...

The Story of after 9/11

Lifestyle Tours will take a group to the Fox Theatre in St. Louis to see "Come From Away" during its first swing through midwest houses on May 19, 2019.

Why Travel Shows Are Important

Many people feel that attending a travel show or information session obligates them to purchase a tour or to travel with the company hosting the show. That's just not the case!