There is no way to describe the Iguazu Falls without using superlatives. Awesome! Amazing! Breathtaking! Unbelievable! Water cascades as far as the eye can see - some large, some small - but so many!

  • Iguazu is made up of a system of 275 waterfalls, with the exact number depending on the season. It spans an area of over 1.5 miles wide.
  • The tallest of these waterfalls, called the Devil's Throat, drops by more than 263 feet creating a constant mist. To put that in perspective, Iguazu Falls is nearly twice as tall as Niagara Falls and rivaled only by Zambia and Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls.
  • It's nearly three times as wide as Niagara Falls and significantly wider still than Victoria Falls.
  • The amount of water pouring from these falls to the Iguazu River is equally staggering. On average, about 39,000 gallons of water flows every second. Depending on the time of the year, the rate of water flow can be as much as 3,434,236 gallons per second -- enough to fill five Olympic swimming pools -- especially during the rainy months of November to March.
It's little surprise then that the river that the water flows into, as well as the waterfalls, are both named Iguazu, which literally means 'big water' in native Guarani Indian language.
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