First things first: A Mystery Tour is not for everybody.

A Mystery Tour is one which people take with no clue about destinations or attractions they will be seeing. It's a leap of faith! Lifestyle Tours has been taking our adventurous clients on Mystery Tours for over 15 years, and seldom, if ever, have we visited the same attractions more than one time. Our experience tells us that we typically visit unique sites and towns and cities that many folks would not choose to visit, yet they come to appreciate that every destination has an interesting story to tell. And the other thing that we have come to know and appreciate is that a Mystery Tour attracts people who have an easy-going and positive attitude about the adventure, and that adds to the enjoyment for everyone on the tour.

Lifestyle Tours offers three motorcoach Mystery Tours each year.

The first, typically in June, is our 3-day History Mystery Tour. As the title suggests, the tour visits sites with some historical significance. One might be surprised at the notable events that are memorialized within a day's driving distance of home.

Then in September, we take our annual St. Louis Mystery Tour. Yes, we know we are going to St. Louis but the sites and attractions we visit are unique and "off-the-beaten-path". Odds are you haven't been at most of the stops we'll make that day.

Then in October, we take our Annual Autumn Mystery Tours. The fall tour is usually a two-day event. Fall is always a popular time for touring and this mystery tour is always a popular getaway for our travelers.

Do you think a Mystery Tour is for you? If you're ready to give it a try, contact Lifestyle Tours and make your plans today.