As you may know, there was a fire at Patti's Restaurant in Grand Rivers, Kentucky

As part of our tours to the Badgett Playhouse, we always have enjoyed lunch at Patti's before the shows. You can imagine the impact that this fire has had on Patti's, on the Badgett Playhouse and on the community of Grand Rivers. The Badgett Playhouse will be converting some space and becoming a 'dinner theater' of sorts for a few upcoming shows and Lifestyle Tours will be taking a group to see The Sounds of Memphis Show ( on Saturday, October 6. We will have lunch inside the auditorium and then see the show!
It should be a fun day of food and music and support for the cast and crew of the theater. Lifestyle Tours has taken groups to see shows here since the theater's beginning. Our first groups there often were the only people in the new theater and the cast would stage the same wonderful performances that we see today with much bigger crowds. I hope you will join our effort to support their work while having an enjoyable day.